Paint Correction

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Commonly called rubbing out or compounding, this can be a multistage repair process that removes surface scratches and many other paint imperfections. It simply restores the vehicles paint back to a original deep glossy shine, all without touch up paint! Pricing for your vehicle’s needs may be given by any authorized PAD tech, and is determined according to the severity of the vehicles specific paint damage but a simple price guideline may be followed...

1 Step: Light Correction

Removes light surface scratches, swirls, and minor paint imperfections. This service is mainly for vehicles that are less than 3 years old or a lighter color.

2 Step: Heavy Correction

Removes approximately 95% of clear coat scratches, clear coat oxidation, swirls and most paint imperfections. This is a service mainly geared for darker colored vehicles and provides a near perfect finish.

Paint Correction service requires an Exterior Detail or a Full Detail as preperation.

Spot Correction

A multi-staged process used to remove unsightly clear coat scratches completely from the vehicle’s appearance without any signs of repair. This will help save you thousands in body shop repair and may be a cheaper and easier alternative than getting the vehicle repainted. This service would be necessary for deep scratches with white hard edges.

Light Scuffs

Heavy Scratches